Taiwan Lantern Festival 2023 : Light Up The Future

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Taipei, – Taiwan, which is located in East Asia, has a sparkling and beautiful charm. Nature tourism, culinary tourism and cultural tourism are able to attract foreign tourists. One of them is the Taiwan Lantern Festival which is held regularly every year.

The Taiwan Lantern Festival is a celebration of blessings that has been held for 34 years to usher in the first full moon of the Lunar New Year.

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“Today the Taiwan Lantern Festival is held for the first time in Taipei’s metropolitan area as an “urban lantern festival”. Along the MRT lines and local commercial districts and local industries are integrated including important areas such as the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taipei 101, with four main exhibition areas and twelve administrative display areas to showcase the lantern decorations”, said Chang Shi-chung, Director General of Taiwan Bureau MOTC during International press conference at National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall on Sunday morning (5/2).

The Lantern Festival is associated with the Chinese tradition, after the Chinese New Year celebration, namely on the 15th day New Year which is synonymous with red lanterns.

Today Taiwan Lantern Festival shows diverse lights colors although red is still dominated. The festival is the light of hope that illuminates the city and enriches the land with diverse cultures. Lights of hope illuminate the cities, and trails of light carry Taipei into the future.

Answering the questions from Indonesian delegates at the press conference, Chang Shi-chung stated “new technology and new innovations in festival celebrations make the Taiwan Lantern Festival different from similar festivals elsewhere.” This year’s lantern festival features four main exhibition areas, including the Beacons of Light Display Zone, Fount of Light Display Zone, Lights of the Future Display Zone and Central Display Zone.

“Community involvement in preparing and celebrating the festival will foster a sense of cultural belonging”, added Chang Shi-chung.

This year festival also invites 10 cities and enterprises from Japan to participate in the lantern festival. Taiwan’s tourism industry has increased its investment in resources and established a deep, diverse and high quality tourism environment. Therefore, it is appropriate for the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, which created the Taiwan Lantern Festival, to focus on expanding into international markets. (Jh/SMSI)

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